6 February 2020

We congratulate Sanne Gijzel! After defending her thesis entitled: ‘Bouncing back: Using a complex dynamical systems approach to measure resilience in older adults’ on 5 February, Sanne attained her PhD degree with honors.

Sanne Gijzel was born on 14 January 1990 in The Hague (theNetherlands) and grew up in Milsbeek. In 2007, she completed her pre-university education (cum laude) at Stedelijk Gymnasium Nijmegen with elective subjects of Latin and philosophy. Herhigh school thesis was nominated for the Van Melsen Prize,which is aimed at stimulating young, talented scientists to excel in research. Sanne pursued the ‘pre-medical track’ embedded in a Liberal Art & Sciences Bachelor at University College Utrecht. In 2009, she studied at the National University of Singapore as an exchange student for one semester. After receiving her Bachelor of Science (magna cum laude), she enrolled in the Selective Utrecht Medical Master (SUMMA) at Utrecht University. This program supported her development as a medical doctor and a clinical researcher through a 9-month research internship at the Center for Molecular Medicine (University Medical Center Utrecht). Sanne graduated as a medical doctor from Utrecht University in September 2014, after which she worked in the geriatric ward of Tergooi Hospital in Blaricum to gain practical experience in geriatric medicine. In the meantime, she looked for a PhD research project that matched her passion for improving the health care of older adults, interdisciplinary collaboration and her personal view on health. Following a serendipitous meeting with Marcel Olde Rikkert, it all came together in the opportunity to spearhead a new research project measuring resilience in older adults together with researchers in geriatric medicine (Radboud university medical center) and theoretical ecology (Wageningen University). Sanne began her PhD research in July 2015. Currently, she works in a nursing home for geriatric rehabilitation and long-term care of older adults in Naarden. In addition to working on building her clinical knowledge and practical skills in geriatric care, she also wants to further develop her ideas about resilience management in older adults.

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