16 January 2020

After a warm welcome by RIMLS scientific director René Bindels, where he mentioned the highlights of 2019, several RIMLS researchers received an award including bonus during the New Year's drinks. Next to the award ceremony, there were short pitches from some of our succesfull researchers. Ellen van den Bogaard was invited to disclose the secrets which have led to her success. Niels van Royen told us more about his research and success story to achieve his publications in impressive journals. And finally, Nico Sommerdijk enthusiastically talked about his newly designed lab, dedicated to the biochemistry of mineralized tissues (opening soon!). 

And then there was the premiere of the aftermovie of the ENABLE/New Frontiers symposium held in Nijmegen. If you missed this premiere or if you want to watch this video again, click here

Click here for all the photo's.

And the RIMLS award winners are:

RIMLS Travel Grants:

  • Inge Wortel, conference in Montreal, Canada (€1,000)
  • Farid Keramati, symposium in Lyon, France (€300)
  • Charlotte Hoogstraten, Toxicologie meeting in Aneheim, California (€950)
  • Quan Xu, bioinformatic conference in Leuven, Belgium (€250)
  • Noa van den Brink, symposium in Pennsylvania, USA (€1,000) 
  • Mariya Chernyavaska, work visit Zürich, Switserland (€500)
  • Sofie Tolmeijer, work visit in Vancouver, Canada (€950)
  • Sanne van Lith, conference in Buffalo, USA (€1,000)

RIMLS Breakthrough Publication of 2019
Bas van der Schoot et al., Functional diversification of hybridoma-produced antibodies by CRISPR/HDR genomic engineering. Sci Adv 2019; 5.

RIMLS Master Thesis of 2019
Julia Verhoef for her thesis entitled: 'CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing of pantothenamide resistance genes in Plasmodium Falciparum'. 

RIMLS PhD Thesis of 2019
Guido van Mierlo for his thesis entitled: 'Viewing pluripotency from a multi-omics perspective'. 

RIMLS Image of 2019
Ben Joosten. His picture shows a human primary dentritic cell labelled for actin cytoskeleton imaged by the home-built super-resolution STORM microscopy, compared to the small upper corner detail of the same cell imaged by conventional fluorescence microscopy. 

RIMLS Award 2019
This year the prize was awarded to Jack Fransen for his contiunous support of our microscopic Imaging center. He organizes the most popular course of the RIMLS, dedicated to image analysis by FUJI. Jack is always willing to help our RIMLS researchers.
Supervisor of the year 2019
Out of 3 nominated supervisors, Iris Nagtegaal was elected as Supervisor of the year 2019. 


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