23 November 2021

The group of Biomaterials Science and Technology (BST) of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the TechMed centre of University of Twente has signed a formal academic collaboration agreement with the departments of Nephrology and Physiology at Radboudumc. This agreement further substantiates the strategic collaboration between the University of Twente and Radboudumc.

Based on this agreement, starting October 2021, and for five years, a mutual professor exchange will take place for Dimitrios Stamatialis (of BST) at Radboudumc, and for Johan van der Vlag (Nephrology, Radboudumc) and Joost Hoenderop (Physiology, Radboudumc) at BST.

The teams at the University of Twente and Radboudumc, theme Renal disorders, started their successful collaboration during the last years in various projects (BIOkid, TURBO,NOVAMEM, NODIAL). This strategic agreement and mutual Professor exchange is expected to:  

  • Facilitate further collaboration, especially at the cutting-edge interface of engineering and biomedical sciences, with the aim  of clinical translation and implementation.
  • Facilitate synergy within current initiatives, e.g. TopFit- theme of renal disorders but also create new initiatives, nationally and internationally.
  • Explore  valorization of new therapies, products and devices (IP and spin-off companies).
  • Explore sharing of mutual educational activities, including facilitating student internships.  

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