14 September 2021

Aart Schene received the Donders Medal from Indira Tendolkar, who presented it on behalf of the Donders Institute on 11 August 2021.

This newly instituted prize to honor Aart's contribution to the Donders Institute had already been virtually awarded to him during his farewell.

Below is the substantiation of the advisory committee set up for this Medal:

'Since coming to Nijmegen, Aart has built bridges between clinical and neuroscientific research, with the result that the focus on mental health in DI and beyond has expanded. Aarts' pivotal role in the interweaving of clinical and fundamental research within DI and UMC is highly valued. In addition, the many collaborations he has with Donderians and the many Donders PhD students he has supervised are proof of his success. We would like to thank Aart for his excellent contributions'.

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