5 January 2021

During the online CHAINS 2020 symposium, Judith Schaart, Departments of Biochemistry and Cell biology, has won a poster prize in the Chemistry of Life category.

CHAINS 2020 is organized by NWO Domain Science with the support of partners ChemistryNL and KNCV.

Winner of the ACS Omega 2nd Chemistry of Life: Judith Schaart

Other winners are:

  • Winner of the Elzevier Audience Award: Annemarie Maan (University of Groningen)
  • Winner of the BASF Best Chemical Conversion: Lin Jian (Leiden University)
  • Winner of the JACS Au Best Chemisty of Life: Harm van der Veer (TU/e)
  • Winner of the ACS Central Science Best Pitch: Annemieke van Dam (Wageningen U&R)
  • Winner of the CAS Best Chemistry of Materials: Carla Fernandez (Oxford/UU)
  • Winner of the ASPEN Oss Best F&M of Chemistry: Seenivasan Hariharan (Leiden University)

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