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We use the latest chip and digital technologies to create a society in which everyone can live a healthy life and has access to healthy and sustainable food. read more


In 2050 there will be close to 10 billion people on this planet. To feed these people in a healthy and sustainable manner we will need groundbreaking innovations. Although the challenges are massive, chip and digital technologies are seen as the key enablers in order to develop the necessary solutions.

At OnePlanet Research Center, we initiate fundamental and applied research, groundbreaking innovations and smart product applications. This is only possible by using and bringing together great ideas, innovations and chip and digital technologies from different disciplines and work closely together with industry. We are committed to inspiring partnerships where companies, schools, universities, researchers, social institutions and citizens work together. OnePlanet combines specialisms from the fields of agriculture, food and health and turn dreams into feasible solutions that contribute to a more sustainable society.

The future of nutrition and health

Watch our INNOVATE’s online show and take a look into the world of mission driven innovations at OnePlanet Research Center. read more

The future of nutrition and health

What if we can exactly understand and predict our health in the future? In this online meetup (took place live on 10 November 2020), OnePlanet shows groundbreaking innovations for preventive healthcare, sustainable agriculture and nutrition. This online meetup also includes a challenge with a reward. After seeing this broadcast, do you have any ideas on how to motivate students for a healthier lifestyle? Join our challenge!

Line-up of the meeting

  • Thea van Kemenade (Director of Health on behalf of Radboud University and Radboudumc) on the mission of One Planet Research Center
  • Sander Hermsen (Behavioral researcher OnePlanet) - Why technology as an answer?
  • Annelies Goris (Program Manager Preventive Health, Nutrition & Behavior - OnePlanet)
  • Eva Wentink (Biomedical engineer OnePlanet & imec) - Innovation 'Smart Bathroom’
  • Christiaan Orth (HAN student) on the innovation 'Early fall detection for Parkinson's patients'
  • Marcel Zevenbergen (Program manager agriculture & food - OnePlanet)
  • Jan Willem de Wit (Sr. Electronic Systems engineer OnePlanet) - Innovation 'Potato sensing’
  • Burcu Zijlstra (Sensor Application Engineer - OnePlanet Research Center) - Innovation 'hypermodern greenhouses'.
  • Professor of general medicine and prevention (and theme leader OnePlanet) Pim Assendelft of Radboudumc on preventive health
  • Followed by a round table with experts Lucas Noldus (CEO NOlDUS IT), Thea van Kemenade and Angelique Brinkman (teacher-researcher Tech@doptie) discussing questions such as "What can technology contribute to preventive healthcare?" and "What use is this technology and science in corona time?"
  • Challenge with Liesbeth Luijendijk (Director AgriFood OnePlanet)


Want to collaborate? Are you working on innovations within the health, nutrition, behavior and/or the agriculture & food domain and want to further explore how technology could enhance your research and applications towards end-users? Contact Domain Expert Marjan Meijnders to discuss possibilities for collaboration. contact

Working together

OnePlanet is an initiative of Imec Netherlands, Radboudumc, Radboud University and Wageningen University & Research. read more

Working together

OnePlanet is an initiative of Imec Netherlands, Radboud university medical center, Radboud University and Wageningen University & Research. An initiative in which we, from the Radboudumc, work together with these partners on long-term solutions to promote health and healthy living in order to prevent diseases. We are convinced that we can solve some of the world's problems related to health by combining technical innovations with the more fundamental expertise within the biology spectrum.

And that is fully in line with the mission Radboudumc stands for. The Radboudumc's mission is to have a significant impact on health care. Together with you all we aim to be pioneers in shaping the healthcare of the future. We do this in a person-centered and innovative way and in close collaboration with our network. In this way, all patients receive the best possible care, both now and in the future. Because that’s why we do it.

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