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This is what we stand and strive for

To have a significant impact on health and healthcare. Radboudumc wants to lead the way in creating sustainable, innovative and affordable healthcare. We do this in a person-centered and innovative way, and by collaborating in networks.

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This is what we stand and strive for

A lot is happening in the world around us. The challenges we face affect our health and healthcare, work, and life. Consider the climate and energy crises, rising health care costs, inequality in wealth and well-being, and labor shortages. Now more than ever is about preventing disease. Radboudumc is tackling these challenges. We look ahead and, where possible and necessary, we are one step ahead of developments. We devise solutions to keep people and society as healthy as possible and to keep healthcare sustainable and accessible for everyone. We are working on tomorrow's care.

This is what we strive for

As Radboudumc, we want to lead the way in shaping sustainable, innovative, and affordable healthcare. We do this person-centered and innovative and by working together in networks. Every day we want to do better. Every day we strive for better care, research, and education, every day a better understanding how diseases arise, how we can prevent, treat, and cure them. In short, we want to have a significant impact on health and healthcare. We do so by focusing on six themes:


It is the rightful expectation of everyone who comes to us: at Radboudumc you are heard, seen, respected, and treated equally. We make the patient and their quality of life the starting point and end point of our care. We really get to know the patient, from DNA to personal and social context. We respect the differences between people. We look for what adds the most value for the individual. We make choices with the patient, not for the patient. All our scientific research is ultimately aimed at providing maximum added value for each individual patient. Our education is also person-oriented: the student and patient are central to the training of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers of the future.


We are convinced that innovations are the key to the healthcare of the future. With our scientific research, we ensure successful innovations in prevention, diagnostics, and treatments. In our house, everyone can and may provide innovations, in care, education, and research. We give and take the space and responsibility to develop innovations, experiment with them, and put promising innovations into practice. Naturally, we share these in our network and beyond.


Only by working with our partners can we realize our ambitions and answer the questions of patients, students, colleagues, science, and society. We believe in the power of sustainable cooperation with hospitals, knowledge and educational institutions, healthcare institutions, primary care, public administration, companies, and other partners. In close consultation within the network, we make joint agreements about how we share and develop knowledge, expertise, and facilities with each other, make choices about who can best provide which care and how together we can provide maximum added value for patients. In the region and further away. We also conduct research and education together as much as possible. Demonstrably distinctive quality and accessibility of care are paramount in the networks.

Together, we tackle social challenges with energy, guts, and courage, and contribute as much as possible to a healthy society. A society in which people and the environment remain as healthy as possible, and prevention of disease is paramount. And if care is necessary, we strive for the best, sustainable care for every patient. Because the patient, our vulnerable fellow human being: they are what matters.

To have a significant impact on health and healthcare

Person-centered and innovative how do we do it?

Fit for the Future

Radboudumc is in the process of changing its organization, management, and ways of working (together).

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Fit for the Future

Radboudumc is in the process of changing its organization, management, and ways of working (together). We are doing this to be able to help our patients even better in the future, to conduct even better research, to respond even better to social developments, and to train colleagues for the health and care of tomorrow. We are working on these changes in well-considered steps, within the Fit for the Future program.

With Fit for the Future we are on our way to becoming the organization we want to be: we will work (together) even more based on the demands of patients, students, researchers, colleagues, and society. By really delving into that question together, we will be more valuable and more significant, and we will do the right thing. This requires even better cooperation across departments, internally and externally. Because together we know and can do more.

Healthcare, education, and research come together in care paths

The care paths we are developing are a great example of how we are going to collaborate across departments. A care path is a kind of roadmap that the patient moves through. This way, the patient knows exactly what is going to happen and receives the best care from a team of colleagues from Radboudumc and other parties. A team stands around the patient and walks with them through all the steps the patient takes. By properly linking our core tasks of care, education, and research, we have everything we need to best help the patient.

An outline of what Radboudumc will look like

Very concretely, in broad terms, Radboudumc will soon consist of 11 centers for patient care, 38 medical departments, 3 science departments, 3 institutes (one for each core task), and the support services.

A stronger position for nurses

At the head of each patient care center is a medical, a business, and a nursing director. Nurse representation at board level gives this professional group more direction and control over their own work, and nursing knowledge is increasingly formally embedded in the organization. By doing so we are making our care even more person-centered.

Ready for today's patients and tomorrow's

With the Fit for the Future program we ensure that we as Radboudumc have everything we need to best serve the patients of today and the future. We have succeeded if the patient experiences that we add value and our employees see that we have made a difference while they enjoy working here.

Our strategic themes

Our strategic partnerships

Academische Alliantie with Maastricht UMC+

Radboudumc and Maastricht UMC+ have formed the Academic Alliance together since 2018. We work together in the areas of academic patient care, infrastructure, prevention, leading research, education, and training.

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HealthTech Nexus with University of Twente

We work together, at the interface of medical technology and healthcare. On knowledge development, education, and innovation, to meet unmet needs in health and healthcare: urgent needs for which there are as yet no good solutions.‚Äč

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The importance of strategic partnerships

Radboudumc collaborates with hundreds of other organizations, in many ways and areas. With a small number of those partners, we have signed strategic cooperation agreements.

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The importance of strategic partnerships

Radboudumc collaborates with hundreds of other organizations, in many ways and areas. With a small number of those partners, we have signed strategic cooperation agreements.

Strategic cooperation partners are organizations with which we work closely to achieve shared, strategic goals. These include maintaining and strengthening high-quality care in our region but also joint research, education, and innovation with (inter)national impact. We have made multi-year agreements with our strategic partners that have been formally signed by directors of both parties.

Within a strategic partnership, we constantly look for opportunities to help each other further. We exchange knowledge and expertise, carry out joint projects, and use each other's facilities. We also encourage colleagues to visit each other and explore new opportunities together.

Other partnerships

In addition to the four strategic collaborations, we work with hundreds of other organizations. Read more about the different types of collaborations at Radboudumc partners.

Rijnstate Working on the care (region) of the future

We have been working with Rijnstate for many years in various fields. In April 2023, we signed a strategic cooperation agreement to expand this further.

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Maasziekenhuis Pantein

Collaborating means that patients can be smoothly and easily referred back and forth, sometimes with the doctor "traveling" with the patient.

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