Radboudumc and partners Kick-off collaboration on 3D printed orthoses

7 February 2023

On Thursday 2 February, atum3D, and Spentys hosted a workshop at Radboudumc, about 3D printed orthoses. This break-through development was made possible through collaboration with the Department of Surgery - Trauma Unit and the 3D lab of Radboudumc. The workshop was the official kick-off for this new collaboration in which we aim to develop and evaluate the latest technologies on 3D printing for patient specific orthoses for e.g. fractured wrists.

3D Lab Radboudumc focuses on the introduction of 3D technologies to improve patient care. Radboudumc is working on various projects in which these technologies are implemented. atum3D provides special state-of-the-art 3D printers that are equipped with Spentys' proprietary software.  
Stay tuned for more.

Left to right: Alyssa Wang; Laura van Ginkel; Erik Cramer (atum3D); Thomas Maal; Vincent Stirler, Tim Janssen, Harold Grotenhuis, Jelle Driessen, Michiel Prikken (Spentys), Jan Bongaerts, Marcel de Bruijn. 

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