About Predica Diagnostics BV

Predica Diagnostics B.V. is active in the field of diagnostics, prognostics and prediction of treatment response in oncology. read more

About Predica Diagnostics BV

We improve diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of cancer.

Patients should only undergo medical procedures that are meaningful and necessary. No woman should have unjustified worries about getting cervical cancer and every cancer patient is taken care off with effective treatment protocols only.

Our first product, the CervicaDx test, will prevent overdiagnosis and overtreatment of women, participating in cervical cancer screening programs, by detecting cervical aberrations before they can develop into cancer, with much higher specificity than is currently feasible.

Predica Diagnostics BV uses the proprietary ciRNAseq technology. The CervicaDX assay, based on this technology, will be developed and marketed to non-invasively assess the risk to develop cervical cancer and to guide proper treatment.

Predica Diagnostics BV details

  • CEO: Marco de Boer
  • Affliated department: Biochemistry
  • Researcher: William Leenders
  • Year of incorporation: 2019
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