Staying nearby Hotel La Boutique

Family members of patients are welcome to stay at Hotel La Boutiqe. This hotel is located close to the Radboud university medical center.


Reserving through Radboudumc saves you costs compared to booking directly with La Boutique.

  • €120 for 1 room per night
  • €3,42 tourism tax per person per night


Rooms can be reserved via the Customer Contact Center or by asking a nurse or the ward secretary.

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During the day
During the day, rooms can be reserved via the Customer Contact Center, the nurse, or the ward secretary.

Outside of opening hours
Between 17.00 and 22.00 hours, you can book a room at the main entrance (the reception phone number (+31 24) 361 37 67 and/or (+31 24) 361 36 32 can be used outside of opening hours).


You can pick up your keys after 15.00 hours at the reception located at the hospital’s main entrance. We will ask you to show identification before releasing the hotel key. Reception is open daily from 7.00 to 21.30 hours. On your day of departure, please return your room key before 11.00 hours to the reception at the main entrance.


Van Peltlaan 4, 6533 ZM Nijmegen