Projects Sector plan: Medische en Gezondheidswetenschappen


The ministry of OCW invests 40 million euros annually to enhance research and education in the sector of medical sciences. Radboudumc has seized this opportunity to strengthen and deepen three of its strategic themes: prevention, data-driven & AI, and disease mechanisms & new therapies.

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With the sector plans, the Ministry of OCW (Education, Culture and Science) wants to make a structural contribution to improving the cohesion and cooperation between education and research, and making working as a researcher more attractive by using more permanent contracts. In addition, the sector plans contribute to making joint, sharp choices about division of tasks and profiling between and among universities.  

Radboudumc fully supports these objectives and has seized this opportunity to strengthen and deepen three important existing strategic themes within Radboudumc using our share of about 5 million euros a year. These are the themes of 1) prevention, 2) data-driven & AI, and 3) disease mechanisms & new therapies, which fit very nicely with the thematic focus of the sector plan, namely 1) prevention, 2) data-driven innovation and 3) the path from foundation to application.

We hope this will not only give a boost to the research within Radboudumc, but also strengthen the unique position of university medical centers: in no other place is the interaction between fundamental research and the treatment of (complex) patients so clearly present, and the potential for impact on both patients and healthy people so great. 

Our goal

We aim to accelerate in three of our strategic themes. We achieve this by hiring about 40 people who have the drive to create impact.

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Our goal

What is our goal?

We aim to accelerate in three of our strategic themes:

  • Prevention (lifestyle data and interventions)
  • Data-driven (artificial intelligence, e-health and medical technology)
  • Disease mechanisms & new therapies (therapy development for rare diseases)

Achieving our goal

We are looking for about 40 people with the drive to create impact and pave the way for accelerating healthcare. This is your chance to be part of this movement and help shape the future of our research and education, creating impact on the lives of many.

Application and selection process

We’re searching about 40 people to attain our ambitious goals in the fields of prevention, data-driven, and diseases mechanisms & new therapies. All vacancies will become available on this Sector plan webpage, and of course also on the general vacancy overview of Radboudumc. Please note that some vacancies will be released gradually as of the last week of April. All positions are intended to result in a permanent contract.

All positions are open to both internal and external candidates, however, suitable candidates who already work at Radboudumc have a preference in the selection procedure.  

How to apply? 

Please apply using the ‘apply now’ button in the vacancy. Please upload a motivation letter, your curriculum vitae and the sectorplan application form that applies to your position (see below). This form will guide you through some questions that are relevant for the selection.

Selection round 1 

Based on the application letter, motivation letter and application form, candidates will be selected for the first interview. The first interview will be held with the members of the steering group of the sectorplan sub theme together with other relevant people depending on the subject and the position. The selection will focus on how the candidate fits in relation to the sectorplan vision and the envisaged position and team.  

Selection round 2 

In the second round, representatives from the department where the candidate will likely be employed will take part in selection committee; because the best suited department depends on the profile of the applicant, this may differ from the department stated in the vacancy. The selection will focus on how suitable the candidate is for the position and the complementarity between the candidate and the department. 

Assistant & Associate Professor positions 

Assistant and Associate professor positions are subject to Radboudumc’s scientific career path strategy (internal candidates can read this intranet page). This strategy is aimed at providing a clear career perspective to young research talents early on in their career  (at the level of assistant professor)  and providing support to those within the Talent Track to develop further.  

To select the most suitable research talents, the Talent Track Committee has a strict selection procedure. This procedure also applies to all candidates for the Assistant Professor and Associate Professor positions within the sectorplan  with a > 50% research focus. For those positions, the Talent Track procedure is part of the selection procedure. The following steps are added to the standard selection procedure described above:

  • Upon application: Please make sure to fill in the sectorplan application form specific to Assistant Professor and Associate Professor positions. This form already guides you through the Talent Track-specific questions.

  • Third selection round (if selected): Writing a Personal Performance Preview (PPP) is part of the Talent Track procedure. After selection round 2, you will have about 1 month to write the PPP. The third round will include an interview with the Talent Track Committee, in which you will present your PPP and present current research lines. 

Depending on the outcome of the selection procedure, candidates who apply for a position as Assistant Professor (except the positions focused on education) may directly start as Assistant Professor in Talent Track towards Associate Professor, or as Researcher in Talent Track towards Assistant Professor.  

Please note that the above procedure only applies to Assistant Professor positions with a >50% research focus; Assistant Professor positions with a focus on education will follow the standard procedure (i.e. only 2 selection rounds). 

Senior researcher positions that will be nominated for Staff Scientist 

The sectorplan includes a number of senior researcher positions. These positions will in due time be nominated for Staff Scientist. Staff Scientist positions are intended as ‘dependent researcher’ positions, i.e. the candidate isnot expected to build up his/her own research group, but instead will be a continuous member of the research group of an associate professor or a full professor. A key goal of staff scientists is to continue to excel in science by achieving scientific breakthroughs across the boundaries of disciplines, which can ultimately be applied in patient care. Staff scientists are generally technical scientific experts who develop the techniques and give support to other researchers to answer their scientific questions. This is a career path that does not lead to a position as an assistant-, associate- or full professor.  

More information and profiles of the staff scientist positions are available for internal candidates on intranet

The selection procedure for senior researchers will follow the standard procedure (i.e. only 2 selection rounds) as described above. The motivation and ambitions of the candidate to become a staff scientist will be assessed during these selection rounds. Once the staff scientist position is available at Radboudumc, the researchers will be nominated for this position. 

Positions and availability

Vacancies for these positions can be found at the bottom of the sector plan page.


Vacancies can be found below.

Background information and vacancies per theme

Prevention background information

Join us to work on an evidence base for personalized prevention, based on the needs of people.

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Prevention background information

Lifestyle data and interventions

Join us to work on an evidence base for personalized prevention. We believe that successful prevention of physical and mental diseases and disorders needs to be based on the needs of people, with attention to socioeconomic health differences. Help us to bring together data from different sources, both inside and outside the Radboudumc to gain better insights into the mechanisms of action and build targeted interventions that match the needs and capabilities of individuals.

Below you can read more on background information, our ambitions and our positions. You can also go directly to the overview of available vacancies for this theme (note: vacancies for this theme are available in Dutch only).

Data-driven innovation background information

Join us in the development of new medical technologies and in training the next generation of clinical innovators.

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Data-driven innovation background information

Artificial intelligence, e-health and medical technology

Discover the future of healthcare at Radboudumc, where AI-driven diagnostics and prognostics, and continuous monitoring are paving the way towards improved efficiency, safety, and patient care. With a focus on data-driven health, we're leading the charge in developing new medical technologies and training the next generation of clinical innovators. Join us in building a self-learning healthcare system and improving the lives of patients around the world.

Below you can read more on background information, our ambitions and our positions. You can also go directly to the overview of available vacancies for this theme.

Disease mechanisms and new therapies background information

Join us and accelerate the development of rare disease therapies.

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Disease mechanisms and new therapies background information

Therapy development for rare diseases

Increase your impact on healthcare and accelerate the development of rare disease therapies by filling the gap between preclinical and clinical science. You can be part of an enthusiastic team with the ambition to develop Radboudumc as a center for rare diseases and innovative drug therapies.

Below you can read more on background information, our ambitions and our positions. You can also go directly to the overview of available vacancies for this theme.


Additional information can be found on the NFU website.

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