Our scientific research

The scientific research in the Radboud university medical center falls under the research theme  Infectious Diseases and Global Health

Together with the partners in the Dutch Lyme disease expertise center, we have jointly defined a number of research projects. Research priorities are determined with input from the patient representatives.

Our expertise

Professionals specializing in Lyme disease work together in the treatment of patients who suffer from the illness. They also collaborate on research into new diagnostic tests and treatments. The Radboud university medical center forms part of the Dutch Lyme Disease expertise center (NLe). read more

Our scientific research

Together with the RIVM, the Amsterdam UMC, and the Lyme Association, we perform research into new diagnostic tests and treatment of patients with Lyme disease.

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For patients

Our center includes internist-infectious disease specialists, pediatric infectious disease specialists, and physician-microbiologists specializing in Lyme disease. read more

Our people