Research theme Infectious diseases and global health

Infectious diseases and global health About theme

This theme combines cutting-edge research in immunology, microbiology, pharmacology and novel omics methodology with translational and implementation research in immunology and infectious diseases

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Infectious diseases and global health About theme

It is our mission to attain national and international leadership in research and research training in infectious diseases, immunity and global health. Working to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of patients with infections, therefore, our researchers aim to have a significant and global impact on the control, treatment and elimination of infectious diseases.
These aims will be accomplished through several complementary strategies. Basic research aiming to understand biological mechanisms will identify novel targets for diagnostics and therapy; translational research will explore relevant biological processes in patients; and epidemiological research will study infections, disease interventions and prevention at the population level. There are two research lines: infectious diseases & host defense, and povertyrelated infectious diseases.


  • We aim to assess the pathophysiology of severe infections to identify novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.
  • We aim to explore antibiotic resistance mechanisms to devise novel approaches to antibiotic therapy.
  • Through public health approaches, we will investigate quality of care for patients with infectious diseases.
  • We aim to explore malaria biology and contribute to the identification of novel drugs and vaccines, as well to optimize malaria elimination interventions at the community level.
  • We will improve understanding of the interaction between arboviruses, human hosts and the mosquito vectors.
  • We aim to identify genetic and other risk factors for mycobacterial infections and to optimize the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of tuberculosis.
  • We will optimize infection prevention and control programs in low-resource settings, including HIV programs.

Theme leader

David Burger PhD
+31 (0)24 361 64 05
full professor

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