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As a last year PhD student you probably will start to explore in what discipline you would like to continue your career after you completed your PhD. Do you want to continue in academia, switch to industry, consultancy? What kind of options are out there? What to expect?

The Radboud Postdoc Initiative represents the interest of all postdoctoral fellows and last year PhD candidates working at Radboudumc. Several times a year RPI organizes lunch meetings and pizza and beer events in which different topics are addressed including career opportunities in- and outside academia, grant writing, improve your soft skills, scientific integrity and more.

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Welcome postdocs!

The Radboud Postdoc Initiative (RPI) represents the interests of all postdoctoral fellows working at Radboudumc. read more

Welcome postdocs!

The RPI represents the interest of all postdoctoral fellows working at Radboudumc. It is a source of information regarding postdoc related issues. In addition, it creates a platform to facilitate discussions amongst postdocs at the same point of their career and promotes local collaboration and networking opportunities. The RPI includes postdocs working at the Radboud university medical center. The platform is run by postdocs and is intended to support postdocs and final year PhD candidates.

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Sabrina van Heukelum
Chair a.i. Radboud Postdoc Initative

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Aims of RPI

  • Inform about courses, grant application deadlines, and relevant information from the Scientists' Union (VAWO), Radboud University Post-doc Network and PhD Organisation Nijmegen.

Activities organized by RPI

  • Three or four times a year. Hot topics, experiences of the other researchers and/or interesting people are the theme of these meetings.

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Postdocs Academic and scientific training

The vision of Radboudumc is to train junior researchers who have the intrinsic ambition to have a significant impact on healthcare and become highly qualified independent scientists. Find out more about courses, funding and other information for postdocs.

Postdoc Committee

The RPI is powered by the voluntary effort of postdocs from various parts of Radboudumc. Currently the chairmanship is temporarily held by Sabrina van Heukelum and Özlem Bulut.