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The Grant Support team delivers services around the "The Grant lifecycle"; with a focus on the idea development, funding advice, and pre-award phases.

Grant Life Cycle support: The grant life cycle refers to the entire process a grant goes through. From determining funding strategy (matching your idea with the right funding opportunity), through the pre-award phase (proposal development, submission) and post-award phase (project execution, ending with the closeout).
While the grant lifecycle can be long and includes some complex elements, it also has a lot of consistency and follows a relatively linear path. The grant lifecycle comprises three distinct phases: Idea Development and Funding Advice, Pre-Award and Post-Award.

  • Idea Development and Funding Advice: The process begins with development of the researcher’s idea, which is followed by an identification of matching funding instruments, and finishes with a search for opportunities.
  • Pre-Award Phase: The next step is to prepare the proposal (including pre-submission reviews) and the application submission. If the proposal is positively reviewed, a number of procedures applicable to the specific type of grant formalising legal and financial obligations have to be followed before the grant is officially awarded.
  • Post-Award Phase: The final phase is also the longest phase, as it concerns the execution of the project, along with all the reporting, audits, and closeout processes.
The duration of the grant lifecycle and its phases varies based on several aspects: grant type, grant program, funding agency, and relevant legislation. The duration of the Post-Award phase varies the most because this is when the implementation of the project occurs (that is, tackling the different activities planned in the project).

For Radboudumc researchers, more information can be found on the GSO intranet page.

Research Grant Support Office

Grant Support Office

The Grant Support Office provides information and advice on grant opportunities. In addition, we can support researchers at Radboudumc in developing, writing and editing their grant proposal. read more

Grant Support Office

The Grant Support Office provides support for Radboudumc researchers.

If you are interested to collaborate on a grant application with researchers from the Radboudumc, please send us an email containing the call information and the name of a specific researcher. 


On our intranet page you can find detailed information (for radboudumc Researchers) about

  • the services we offer in more detail
  • Funding opportunities
  • Call agenda
  • Internal procedures
  • ​​​toolbox (e.g. annotated factsheets, Data Management Plan)
  • trainings and workshops
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Grant Support Office

Head Grant Support Office

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Financial Conflict of Interest Policy for NIH funded research at Radboudumc

All NIH grants accepted by the Radboudumc must compliant with the new FCOI policy FCOI Policy

Financial Conflict of Interest Policy for NIH funded research at Radboudumc

By applying for or participating in NIH research funding activities, the Radboud university medical center, and on behalf of the institution each investigator involved, is subject to Public Health Services (PHS) regulation 42 CFR 50 Subpart F “Promoting objectivity in research” 

With this document Radboud university medical center is informing all relevant parties of the rules and procedures to be followed, in case of Financial Conflict Of Interest in NIH-funded research projects.

GSO services

​​​GSO helps you to find the funding opportunity that best matches your research goals and ambitions. read more

Extensive support

The GSO team offers extensive support for personal grants and collaborative grants. read more

Extensive support

For Personal grants (e.g. NWO Talent scheme, ERC, MSCA and personal grants from charity funds) the Radboudumc has extensive support programs including writing workshops, review rounds and interview trainings).
For some of the grants the internal procedures are mandatory to receive approval to submit the application.

Please check the intranet page of the GSO (specific factsheet) or contact our personal Grants Officer Susanne Koot by email.

Radboudumc Valorization team

The Grant Support team works in close colaboration with the Valorization team. go to the valorization page