Research News NeurO2ChipH project funded through the Open Technology Programme (OTP)

15 April 2024

To function properly, neuronal brain cells are organized in complex interacting networks. These networks rely on an optimal coupling between electrical activity/connectivity and metabolic/redox state in space and time. A lack of appropriate in vitro experimental tools prevents in-depth understanding of this metabolo-functional coupling in health and disease.

In this project (“NeurO2ChipH”), Wageningen University, Radboudumc and the University of Twente will join forces with three corporate partners to develop a novel on-chip technology for integrated analysis of neuronal network metabolofunction in space and time. The Radboudumc part of the project will be carried out in the groups of Nael Nadif Kasri (Dept. of Molecular Neurophysiology), Merel Adjobo-Hermans (Dept. of Medical BioSciences) and Werner Koopman (Dept. of Pediatrics; coordinator). NeurO2ChipH technology will crucially impact on basic science and deliver a novel intervention screening tool with the potential to reduce the number of animal studies. 

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