Research News Successful implementation of new Biobank Information Management System at Radboud Biobank

30 January 2024

The iLES Biobank Platform is successfully implemented at Radboud Biobank. This tailored biobank solution is specifically configured for the central biobank facility of Radboudumc for the collection, storage and management of samples and data. The implementation process was aimed at improving data management processes, increasing efficiency and guaranteeing the quality of the biobank samples.

One of the key advantages of iLES is the connection with the electronic health records system and the Laboratory Information Management System of Radboudumc, for the placing and managing of biobank orders. This makes it possible to abolish the complex paper order forms and makes it possible to further automate biobank processes.

Furthermore, collection owners can gain access to iLES, giving them insight into the biomaterial they have collected. This feature promotes collaboration and allows collection owners to have full control over their materials, further enhancing user satisfaction. Issuances can be requested and handled directly in iLES, which makes the process very efficient and transparent.

Finally, it is very important for collections to determine if biobank samples are fit for purpose. The SPREC (Standardized PREanalytical Code) is determined for each sample and aliquot by considering factors such as the date of storage in the long-term storage facility, transportation times, centrifuge times, and the specific protocol used (including sample type and container type). This data contribute to continuous quality improvement efforts, ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality biomaterials for research purposes.

If you are interested in the iLES Biobank Platform at the Radboud Biobank or in the implementation process in more detail, please contact the Radboud Biobank.

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