Biostatistics What is biostatistics?

This Technology Center is center of expertise in statistical design and analysis of biomedical research. Researchers can benefit from the state-of-the art statistical knowledge to address research questions ranging from evaluating drug effects in trials to predicting treatment response based on high-dimensional biomarkers. read more

Biostatistics What is biostatistics?

Biomedical research addresses key research questions:  Which treatment is best? And for which patients, exactly? Can we predict how well patients will respond to therapy? Which gene lies at the root of a hereditary disease? All these questions require data, collected based on well-designed studies. Modern technology allows more and more complex measurements to be gathered for patients, for example using DNA sequencing, fMRI, or continuous monitoring through health-related apps. Statistics has kept pace, offering both basic robust design and analysis methods as well as innovative approaches. These include novel approaches to design studies (sequential or adaptive designs; bayesian designs and n-of-1 studies for rare diseases and personalized medicine) and advanced methods to solve high-dimensional data analysis problems.  

Areas of expertise

The RTC Biostatistics has expertise across the broad area of statistics, and is particularly advanced in areas of its methodology research (prediction modeling and design and analysis of intervention studies). In addition its includes the core statistical group in the Netherlands for biostatistics in drug regulatory science. It includes (but is not limited to):

  • Prediction modeling
  • Clinical trial design
  • Adaptive and sequential design
  • Data Monitoring Committees
  • Survival analysis and modeling
  • Sample size and power for complex designs
  • Meta-analysis and systematic reviews
  • Statistical analysis of binary data (logistic regression)
  • Multivariate methods (discriminant analysis, factor analysis, pattern recognition)
  • (Advanced) regression modeling (including nonlinear, splines)
  • Statistics in drug development and drug regulation

How can we help enhance your research?

prof. dr. Kit Roes
RTC coordinator

+31 (0)24 361 5305
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Statistical support

If you need statistical support, please contact us.

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Statistical support

Radboudumc researchers
Requests for statistical support are handled via our webform for statistical consultation, to be found here (intranet).

Non-Radboudumc requests for support
Please contact the HEV secretarial office for more information, preferably via e-mail:

Students (only for Biomedical Sciences, Medicine and Dentistry)
For statistical support during your internship (“wetenschappelijke stage”), please contact the Student desk Biostatistics via our webform for statistical consultation.

Services & expertise

Our services

We aim to foster a research environment in which researchers can easily and frequently consult a statistician for:
  • Short advice (up to 4 hours)
  • Project based service
  • Longer term collaboration
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Our services

RTC Biostatistics aims to foster a research environment in which researchers can easily and frequently consult a statistician. Such an environment boosts research quality, reinforces scientific integrity, and ensures efficient use of research means. It has three main modes of service:

  • Short advice (up to 4 hours) to support research design and analyses, for publicly or internally funded research conducted by Radboudumc.
  • Project based service, preferably from the research question/design up to publication stages.
  • Longer term collaboration with organisations / departments covering multiple research projects.

Impact and applications

  • 400 short consultancies on annual basis
  • Impact on drug regulatory innovation
  • Improved standards for animal experiments
  • Contribution to 100 scientific publications annually
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Impact and applications

  • On annual basis approximately 400 short consultancies on research projects within Radboudumc
  • Impact on drug regulatory innovation, with recent publications on subgroup analyses, master protocols, estimands and standards for evaluating biosimilars
  • Improved standards for animal experiments (contributing to the 3Rs)
  • Full contribution to design and analyses in approximately 100 scientific publications annually
  • Key member in multiple Data Monitoring Committees
  • Key statistical assessor in approximately 60 scientific advices annually from the European Medicines Agency to pharmaceutical companies

Our experts