The RTC Clinical studies offers support in various fields of clinical and scientific research. In addition to research involving human subjects (falling under the scope of the WMO), we also facilitate non-WMO research. Within the RTC Clinical studies we have expertise in the medicinaldrug research and field we and support phase I, II, III to phase IV studies. Furthermore, the RTC Clinical studies also focuses on research with medical devices in class I, IIa, IIb and III studies. The RTC Clinical studies (team Policy, Quality and Support) additionally supports the researcher and research staff to comply with all laws and regulations in the design and implementation of all scientific research. The RTC Clinical studies does this by offering the online Integral Quality System for Scientific Human Research (IKS), a helpdesk with walk-in consultation hours and training such as BROK & GCP-WMO courses.

Further information? Contact the RTC Clinical studies via email or tel: +31 (0) 24 366 83 33.
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