Good data management is crucial to the quality of all research. The data managers of RTC Clinical studies offer professional expertise in the collection, processing and management of clinical research data.

With a well thought-out data management plan, a requirement for investigator initiated research, the RTC Clinical studies helps you with high quality efficient data collection and data archiving. This way you will also comply with the increasingly stringent laws and regulations and ever-increasing demands that subsidizers place on data management.

Our data managers can support you with:
  • Local data management: collection and introduction of data in (e)CRFs; drawing up a data management plan;
  • Central data management: cleaning of data so that all data is collected in a correct and consistent manner, as well as an overview of any participating centers;
  • Database building: building (e)CRFs, performing quality checks on self-developed CRFs and drawing up a data validation plan.