Do you have questions regarding the start-up, execution or completion of research? Consult the Integral Quality System for scientific human-related research (IKS) developed and managed by Radboudumc Technology Center (RTC) Clinical Studies. This system supports you, as a researcher or research staff, in all phases of both WMO- and non-WMO-obligated  scientific research. Here you will find the process flows that have been drawn up to support scientific research, in addition to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Furthermore, laws and regulations as well as guidelines for research are being tightened up further and further. The RTC Clinical Studies offers you guidance so that you can ensure that your research meets these requirements.

Every Monday and Thursday (12-14h) there is a walk-in consultation period for researchers and research staff (route 392). At the RTC Clinical Studies, employees are fully conversant with all laws and regulations and are happy to help you further.

Require support with clinical research or questions?

Please contact the RTC Clinical Studies via email or by telephone on:

+31 (0) 24 366 83 33