You can approach the Radboudumc Technology Center (RTC) Clinical Studies for the (temporary) hiring of qualified research staff ranging from research nurse, research coordinator, data manager, to research physician. Together with you, your research staff needs will first be inventoried. The research staff has both general knowledge about Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and illness specificspecialized knowledge. Research physicians and / or research nurses take care of the recruitment and (pre-) screening of research subjects, the issuing of study medication and conducting of study visits. Research staff can also offer support in drawing up agreements with relevant labs and other departments. They also supervise monitor visits.

The advantage to this is that you do not have to recruit, select, train and hire permanent staff. In addition, the functional management is in the hands of the researcher, so that you have complete control over the deployment of the research staff at the desired location.
So if is there a need for personnel? Contact the RTC Clinical Studies and together with you we will look for a tailor-made solution.

Require support with clinical research or questions?

Please contact the RTC Clinical Studies via email or by telephone on:

+31 (0) 24 366 83 33