Genomics Expertise and services

The Radboud Technology Center Genomics offers state-of-the-art expertise in the forefront of sequencing technology developments.

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Genomics Expertise and services

Areas of expertise

  • DNA isolation
  • DNA biobanking
  • High throughput sequencing using targeted strategies (like PCR, hybridization or MIP-based target enrichment both for Sanger and next generation sequencing)
  • Genome wide sequencing strategies using next generation sequencing (non-invasive prenatal testing, exome and genome). 


The Radboud Technology Center Genomics works in a fully quality-accredited environment (NEN-ISO-EN 15189:2012 standard) and

  • Provides you with high-quality data with a fast turnaround time. The majority of our sequencing strategies use a generic fully automated workflow which is used in both diagnostics and research projects that need to sequence a (larger) number of samples.

How can we help enhance your research?

dr. Marcel Nelen
Technology Center Director

+31 (0)24 365 56 65
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Scientific Director

Alexander Hoischen

+31 (0)24 361 96 39
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Genome diagnostics

We perform prenatal as postnatal genetic diagnostics. We use advanced analysis techniques. We offer diagnostics to a large number of hereditary and innate conditions. We have expanded our diagnostic range by introducing new techniques. read more

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