Health data Expertise and services

The aim of this technology center is to provide support in access to primary care data, with all related practical and scientific issues, including data storage and privacy issues.

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Health data Expertise and services

More and more (chronically ill) patients are treated close to their homes and not in a hospital (‘extramuralisation’). Therefore, the need for general practice morbidity data and connection of these data with hospital systems further increases - both for daily care as well as research. Our Technology Center has the ambition to become a national knowledge center on handling, coding and interpretation of general practice morbidity data. Our rich general practitioners-data, which has been collected over a period of 20 years, as well as our experience in working with and interpreting these data, is available to other Radboudumc Technology Centers and Research Themes.

The RTC Health Data builds on decades of extraordinary experience with general practitioners (GP)-databases. We provide support in access to primary care data, with all related practical and scientific issues, including data storage and privacy issues. Important topics are the connection of primary care data with other (research or hospital) data, extraction and coding of data, and interpretation of primary care data. We maintain FaMe-net, a high-quality GP-database with morbidity, health care utilization and medication data, available through the Digital Research Environment (DRE). We have experts regarding the various aspects of our theme, including GPs with hands-on knowledge of the use of GP-data. 

Area of expertise

  • Regional Primary Care data collection and analysis
  • Linking transmural care data
  • General Practice data management


The RTC Health Data provides an accessible knowledge and logistical infrastructure that can support innovation and research geared towards bridging the hospital with healthcare outside its walls.
The RTC Health Data uses the infrastructure of the Department of Primary and Community Care and other departments with research or innovation experience in transmural projects. We can advise you on how to best set up, prepare and execute your transmural projects.

How can we help enhance your research?

ir. José Donkers
Technology center representative

+31 (0)24 361 6855

Radboudumc Transmural Knowledge and Innovation Center

The RTKIC provides an accessible, complete knowledge and logistic infrastructure supporting transmural innovation and research. As such, the RTKIC is your perfect partner in projects between hospital (care) and regional primary care.

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Radboudumc Transmural Knowledge and Innovation Center

The Radboudumc Transmural Knowledge and Innovation Center (RTKIC) incorporates the Radboudumc Technology Center Health Data’s expertise and knowledge to provide a wider knowledge and logistical infrastructure, supporting innovation and research bridging the hospital and healthcare outside the hospital walls, including advice on intervention studies.
Patients are increasingly treated in different settings by different healthcare providers at the same time, or consecutively. However, many ailments (including important chronic diseases) are treated almost exclusively in primary care (for instance Type 2 Diabetes, COPD). This means that researchers and health policy makers are increasingly interested in morbidity data from general practice. Because of our extensive quality control and contacts with GPs who register data, we are able to create high quality specific data ready to be used in any project.
More information about the RTKIC can be found here.


We publish an annual newsletter in Dutch; the ‘Onderzoeksnieuwsbrief Eerstelijnsgeneeskunde’, featuring updates on research using data generated and analyzed by our RTC.

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