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15 September 2020

Sub-biobanks are not required to pay up-front for the processing and storage of biomaterials because the Radboud Biobank aims to facilitate all researchers in building up a valuable collection. These costs are covered later by the issuance fee. The effectiveness of this pre-financing agreement however is dependent on adherence to the demands regarding delivery and processing according to the Radboud Biobank standard operating procedures. Standardization leads to high quality samples, increases the usability of the samples and the chance of pooling collections. Furthermore,  it ensures that the costs for processing and storage are returned to the Radboud Biobank. For this reason, the Radboud Biobank has implemented the following financial regulation for sub-biobanks that do not deliver the biomaterials according to Radboud Biobank standards.

Should the delivery of biomaterial for processing and storage by the Radboud Biobank deviate from the Radboud Biobank standard by 5% or more of the inclusions in a sub-biobank, the sub-biobank will be required to pay the processing costs of the biomaterial up-front.

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • At least 40 samples have been included in the sub-biobank
  • On delivery ≥5% of the samples deviate from the Radboud Biobank standard
  • The sub-biobank is responsible for the deviation in delivery
  • The sub-biobank is warned and has 4 months to improve the delivery of the biomaterial
  • The Radboud Biobank actively assists with finding a solution
  • If the delivery does not improve after 4 months the Radboud Biobank invoices the processing costs of the biomaterial to the sub-biobank
  • It concerns samples for which the Radboud Biobank would normally cover the costs of processing and storage up-front
  • The Radboud Biobank will continue to cover the storage costs until issuance.
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