Research Radboud technology centers Radboud Biobank News Policy regarding the financing of new biomaterials
17 January 2019

All initial costs related to patient sampling and the collection of biomaterials are covered by individual academic departments. Read more about the costs covered by the Radboud Biobank.

The Radboud Biobank covers the costs of sample preparation, freezing, storage, and distribution (exclusive of postage/transport costs). An administrative fee based on the quantity and type of samples will apply upon request for biomaterials. The Radboud Biobank is a non-profit institution, and administrative fees help cover operating costs.
Please note: the processing and storage of some new biomaterials (e.g. PBMCs) is too costly for the resources of the Radboud Biobank. The costs of processing and storing of these expensive biomaterials are therefore divided between the department that initiated the subbiobank (50%) and the Radboud Biobank (50%).

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