15 September 2020


There is a pressing need for predictive biomarkers to personalize bladder cancer treatment. Patients with bladder cancer will be prospectively recruited for the Prospective Bladder Cancer Infrastructure (ProBCI) with longitudinal assessments from primary diagnosis until death. This infrastructure has the following objectives:

  • Inform on the epidemiology of bladder cancer in the Netherlands and the treatment evolution landscape;
  • Facilitate the selection of eligible patients for specific intervention studies, thereby improving accrual rates;
  • Facilitate the identification of historical or concurrent control groups for future single arm intervention studies;
  • Validate the efficacy and safety of novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in a real-world patient population;
  • Evaluate the impact of bladder cancer treatment on patient reported outcomes;
  • Provide access to blood and tumor tissue of bladder cancer patients for biomarker discovery and validation studies and organoid culture.
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