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The BROK is mandatory for researchers who are involved in research subject to the WMO. Researchers must be BROK certified at the start of the study (or the moment their study activities start).

The BROK is recommended for researchers involved in research that is not subject to the WMO. These researchers are obligated to complete the Radboudumc specific e-learning on human-related scientific research.

For more information on training requirements, see the policy guideline on Training.

Education Courses BROK: e-learning, local meeting and exam

Basic course for clinical investigators BROK®

E-learning for obtaining a BROK certificate and for extending the validity. 

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Basic course for clinical investigators BROK®

The Basic Course Regulations and Organization for Clinical Investigators (BROK) deals with laws and regulations when conducting clinical research and is compulsory for all researchers involved in human-based scientific research that falls under the scope of the WMO. For more information, see the national NFU BROK website and the eBROK e-learning.

The BROK course is an e-learning and can be done online in its entirety, including a national exam. While completing the national e-learning, you will follow a center-specific e-learning where the policy of the Radboudumc with regard to human-related research is discussed.

Enroll in the course!

Find step-by-step instructions regarding enrolling in the BROK course and the BROK re-registration.

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Every 3 years Recertification

To renew your certification after 3 years, you must complete an online re-registration before the expiration date. Would you like to receive a timely reminder for this?

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Every 3 years Recertification

Researchers in possession of a BROK certificate can check their validity in the national BROK register.

If you are too late with the re-registration, you will have to take the entire course again, including the exam! To receive a reminder, you must register your certificate in your online ‘Kwaliteitspaspoort’. Follow these instructions.

In short

  • The BROK course is mandatory for researchers involved in human-based scientific research that falls under the scope of the Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act (WMO).

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The Dutch BROK course

The BROK course is also available in Dutch.

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