News items Population screening for lung cancer slowly comes closer thanks to AI

4 September 2023

The twelfth podcast in the AI for life series is about using AI for early detection of lung cancer. Population screening is already technically possible now, but takes a lot of radiologists' time. AI can help analyze the large amount of medical images. 

Because lungs have no pain nerves, lung cancer is often diagnosed at a late stage. But mass screening of lung images in a population-based study is practically impossible without the help of technology. This leads to several, often non-technical questions: what is the role of the radiologist, do we trust the AI, who is responsible for missing diagnoses and what about false positives? In this episode, we dive into the technical possibilities and required conditions for AI to be more widely used in medical imaging.

Listen to the podcast (in English) here.


Mathias Prokop, professor of Radiology at the Radboudumc
Colin Jacobs, researcher at the Radboudumc
Jan Woetzel, Head of Product Management at Mevis medical solutions in Germany


The podcast series AI for Life is an initiative to provide an accessible platform for experts from Radboud AI and other knowledge institutions in the Nijmegen region who work with data and algorithms professionally. Innovative entrepreneurs who turn this knowledge and expertise into meaningful products and services for society will also have their say. How do they use AI, what considerations do they make? Do they see opportunities, obstacles, unexpected prospects? The production of the podcast is a collaboration between Radboud University, Radboud university medical center, The Economic Board and Briskr.

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