7 December 2017

As a proud new member of the Radboudumc family of technology centers, the RTC Health Data provides an accessible knowledge and logistical infrastructure that supports innovation and research geared towards bridging the hospital with healthcare outside its walls.

RTC-representative Esther Deupmann explains: “More and more (chronically ill) patients are treated close to their homes and not in a hospital (‘extramuralisation’). Therefore, the need for general practice morbidity data and connection of these data with hospital systems further increases - both for daily care as well as research. Via our RTC our rich general practitioners-data, which has been collected over a period of twenty years, as well as our experience in working with and interpreting these data, is available to other Radboudumc Technology Centers and Research Themes.” The new Radboudumc Technology Center Health Data provides support in access to primary care data, with all related practical and scientific issues, including data storage and privacy issues. Using the infrastructure of the Department of Primary and Community Care our RTC Health Data advises you on how to best set up, prepare and execute your transmural projects. Want to know more? Have a look on our RTC Health Date website.

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Roel op 't Veld wins Young Investigator Award at ETRS congress 2017

25 September 2017

With his oral presentation titled 'Thermosensitive biomimetic polyisocyanopeptide hydrogels may facilitate wound repair'.

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Rick Helmich receives 693,000 dollar from Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson research

12 June 2018

Rick Helmich, researcher at the Donders Center for Medical Neurosciences, receives a grant of $ 693,000 from the Michael J Fox Foundation. With this he can investigate the brain mechanisms that are responsible for the progression of Parkinson's disease.

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Temporary contracts in Science

28 February 2017

Presentation by: dr. Cathelijn Waaijer

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How to measure >70 (phospho-) protein levels via sequencing DNA-tagged antibodies

21 June 2018

Jessie van Buggenum and Klaas Mulder, theme Cancer development and immune defense, show in Nature Communications how immuno-detection by sequencing uses antibodies tagged with DNA barcodes and high-throughput sequencing to detect up to 70 phospho-proteins in skin stem cell.

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