23 November 2017

Recently awarded to Elke de Jong, department of Dermatology, and collegues.

Elke de Jong and Juul van den Reek recently received a grant from the National Psoriasis Foundation (USA) to investigate biomarkers for prediction of biological therapy response in patients with psoriasis.

Elke de Jong and Joost Schalkwijk received, in collaboration with the Sint Maartenskliniek  (Mark Wenink, Elien Mahler) and the department of medical immunology Radboudumc (Hans Koenen),  a grant from the Radboudumc regional PhD fund for the  research proposal “From psoriasis to arthritis: Improved Detection, characterization and Early treatment of Psoriatic Arthritis (IDE-PsA)” .

In 2016 the department started a study to investigate the dose decrease of biologics for psoriasis, supported by Zonmw (Elke de Jong, Juul van den Reek, Wietske Kievit). In October 2017, Elke de Jong was awarded a grant to implement these results in the Radboudumc by the VGZ ‘Betaald Beter’ project. 

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