13 June 2018

The Joannes Juda Groen Junior prize is awarded to researchers who have made important contributions in the field of interdiscipinary behavioral science.

Nanda Lambregts-Rommelse is Principal Investigator at the department of psychiatry, GZ-psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist in training at the outpatient university clinic "Karakter". In her research she studies the neuropsychological causes of behavioral abnormalities, including ADHD, and possible interventions. How does ADHD develop, why do some children grow over ADHD (and others do not), how does ADHD relate to other disorders? In her interdisciplinary behavioral research she combines fundamental and applied research. Her research aims to better understand genetic and environmental causes of ADHD, and to develop and apply new measuring instruments and interventions. This happens, among other things, through large-scale epidemiological research.

The winners are selected by a scientific jury. Nanda will receive her prize on 20 September 2018 during a public symposium entitled: ‘Gezondheid is meer dan Geneeskunde’ (Health is more than Medicine).

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