1 November 2018

The research projects on the role of magnesium in type 2 diabetes mellitus have been nominated for the James Lind Award.

The winners of the James Lind Award will be partially determined by a public vote via this link. The nomination is a reward for the work of Steef Kurstjens, Jeroen de Baaij and Joost Hoenderop, theme Renal disorders, who recently showed that hypomagesemia is present in 1 out of 3 type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. Recently, they published in Diabetologia that hypomagnesemia is a serious risk factor for the development of a disturbed lipid metabolism. 


The jury that is chaired by Prof. Renger Witkamp (professor nutrition and pharmacology, Wageningen University & Research) selected their research project from a very diverse group of research project. The jury selected their research on magnesium based on impact, innovation and scientific quality. Professor Witkamp states that among the nominees the projects are relevant for future practical use. 

James Lind Award

This inaugural James Lind Award has been initiated by the NPN (the society for nutrition supplements) to increase the awareness for scientific research on nutrition. The NPN aims to translate scientific practice in practical use. James Lind (1716-1794) was a physician that used components from nutrition (e.g. vitamins and minerals) for treatment of diseases. He worked on ships and discovered that he could prevent scurvy sing citrus fruits. He conducted one of the first ever clinical trials and was a pioneer of naval hygiene.

The winner of the James Lind Award will be determined by the jury (50%) and the results of a public vote (50%). 22 November the winners will be announced during the symposium ‘Gezondheidswinst met vitamines en mineralen’ in Maarssen.


Please support their research by voting via this link.


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