15 March 2018

For the organisation of ENABLE 2019, we are searching for a Local Organising Committee (LOC).

PhD candidates and postdocs who would like to be involved in hosting the European young researcher symposium in Nijmegen 2019 (probably in November) are invited to email Dov Ballak with a 5 sentence motivation. This is a great way to learn to organise a European symposium and learn new skills. Moreover, you will be in touch with a great community of international young researchers.  
The LOC closely interacts with the SOC (Scientific Organising Committee), existing of 3 individuals per collaborating institute (Barcelona, Copenhagen, Milan, Nijmegen). Felix Fenneman, Yessica Rodriguez Rosales and Koen van den Dries represent Nijmegen in the SOC. 

With the LOC you will share the next responsibilities:
  • Outreach activities (primary and secondary school events)
  • Venue & catering
  • Speakers and hosting them
  • Social activities
  • Career & Science day
  • Help/interact with the SOC where necessary / needed  
For more information, please watch this video to see an overview of the 2017 Barcelona event. 

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New NFU eBROK® course open for registration

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This platform is not only for researchers who want to obtain their BROK® certificate, but also for researchers who already have a BROK® certificate and want to keep their certification (re-certification).

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Collective cancer invasion forms an integrin-dependent radioresistant niche

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X² Ambition Award for Sandra Heskamp

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This award is intended for 'coming women’: young, ambitious women at a stage of their careers where they make important career choices. This prize is especially for women who show exemplary behaviour within the organization where they work, but also outside their organization.

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