3 October 2019

Last Friday and together with more than 250 colleagues and alumni we celebrated 25 years of research into the molecular mechanisms of disease. During this exciting and informal event, we not only took a trip down memory lane, but also looked ahead to the next 25 years and beyond…... 

Click here for the photo's of the event. 

With an official festival wristband, the festival-goers had access to the festival site where they could enjoy music, stands with content from various departments about science past and present, food and drinks. The enthusiastic hosts of this evening René Bindels, scientific director of RIMLS and Rudy van Beurden shared their expectations of this evening and welcomed everyone. 

During this evening there were three plenary sessions entitled "Past, present and future". 

The audience could watch a video about the early years of the RIMLS and listen to the interviews with the founding fathers. But it also gave us a glimpse into the future. Three alumni, Judith Nelissen, Joost Schoeber and Frederieke Koller shared some anecdotes and told us what the RIMLS has brought to their careers. 

During this session it was time for the pubquiz. Which group had the most knowledge and which group was the most fanatical? After 16 questions and an exciting race, the group "Themakamer" was the clear winner. 

In a video 1st year students gave their vision on future issues. Martijn de Groot, innovation expert and head of Radboudumc’s REshape Center told his story on how (not) to prepare for the future. The evening ended with "Het Medisch Studenten Cabaret". They gave us a hilarious look at the medical world in the future and took us on a journey through the typical student humour. 

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