4 April 2018

Martijn Simons received the ‘Radboudumc Masterprijs Biomedical Sciences 2016-2017’ for his master internship entitled ‘The influence of a risk-based follow-up on the early detection of recurrences in patients treated for oropharyngeal cancer’.

During his internship, Martijn explored possibilities to personalize the current follow-up schedule and reduce the number of follow-up consultations compared to the current consensus-based follow-up schedule. He was supervised by André Verbeek and Anne Aarts (theme Women's cancers) in collaboration with Robert Takes and Tim Govers (theme Rare cancers). 
We would like to congratulate Martijn and his supervisors with this price. Martijn will continue his master’s piece of work as a PhD student at Maastricht University, focussing on the expected value of personalized care in cost-effectiveness analyses .

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