26 November 2018

The ZonMw Off Road subsidy is meant to give young researchers the opportunity to test their groundbreaking hypothesis and to develop this innovative idea into a proof of concept.

Applications should be characterized by their high-risk profile and unconventional research methods ('high risk, high gain' projects). Specifically, the research should be fundamental (pilot data are not needed), in the field of (bio)medical of health sciences and concerns the development of technologies for a durable health system.

This year ZonMw granted Ellen van de Bogaard, theme Inflammatory diseases, an Off Road subsidy for her project: 'Op de huid gezeten'. This project aims to study specific skin bacteria with potentially health promoting effects. Elucidating the mechanism of how these bacteria interact with skin and immune cells will aid in the analysis to identify the bio-active molecules that may used to develop prebiotics or probiotics to promote skin health. 
Read more about ZonMw Off Road subsidies.

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