27 July 2021

Natalia Valdrighi, from the group of Peter van der Kraan and Esmeralda Blaney Davidson, theme Inflammatory diseases, and colleagues were awarded with the Gender in Research Fellowship from ZonMw. This fellowship included a competition to create a plan for the dissemination of the knowledge and skills gained during the Gender in Research workshop amongst their peers, colleagues and institution with a reward of € 8,000 in prize money, financed by ZonMw and CIHR-IGH in Canada.

Currently, many great initiatives and key resources exists to support researchers on their quest to integrate sex and gender sensitivity into their health research. However, it remains difficult to find the right resources because many researchers aspiring sex and gender knowledge do not know where to start. Resource pages can be busy and overwhelming, and it can be difficult to identify the resources best suited to support your research.

With this funding, the Genderful Research World Consortium aims to develop a prototype for an interactive website with a curated list of existing relevant sex and gender resources for each key research phase to get scientists in health research with a novel interest in sex and gender started.

They will work on this project with an multidisciplinary and international team including researchers from the Radboudumc, Vrije Universiteit, ErasmusMC and University of British Columbia.

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