6 March 2019

In the American Journal of Psychiatry Marieke Klein and Barbara Franke showed that significant genetic overlap exists between brain volume measures and ADHD, both on the global and the single variant level.

Variants linked to smaller intracranial volume (a proxy for total brain volume) were associated with increased ADHD risk. These findings can help us develop new hypotheses about biological mechanisms by which brain structure alterations may be involved in ADHD disease etiology.

Genetic Markers of ADHD-Related Variations in Intracranial Volume.
Klein M, Walters RK, Demontis D, Stein JL, Hibar DP, Adams HH, Bralten J, Roth Mota N, Schachar R, Sonuga-Barke E, Mattheisen M, Neale BM, Thompson PM, Medland SE, Børglum AD, Faraone SV, Arias-Vasquez A, Franke B.

Marieke Klein and Barbara Franke are members of the theme Neurodevelopmental disorders.
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