23 May 2019

Jeroen de Baaij, theme Renal disorders, was awarded with an Innovation Grant of the Dutch Kidney Foundation (Nierstichting). Jeroen's research proposal 'The HNF1B switch: Single-cell RNA sequencing to unravel renal cyst formation in ADTKD-HNF1B' was selected from a competitive field of innovative approaches to treat kidney disease.

Jeroen de Baaij

The project aims to understand renal cyst formation in patients with autosomal dominant tubulointerstitial kidney disease. This rare disease is caused by mutations in the HNF1B gene. Patients suffer from renal cysts, hypomagnesemia and diabetes. In the kidneys of these patients some cells form renal cysts, whereas other cells don’t. This project aims to decipher which mechanisms drive cells into cyst formation. By applying the innovative single-cell RNA-seq technique on renal cells, it will be possible to identify the mechanisms of renal cyst formation.
The Dutch Kidney Foundation aims to stimulate the quality of the renal scientific field in the Netherlands through providing grants that support innovation in the Netherlands. The program establishes stronger links between innovative research and patient care. By providing better understanding of cyst formation, the ultimate goal of improving treatment of patients with tubulointerstitial kidney disease may come one step closer.

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