10 January 2019

Facilitating excellent students and involving research in education are key elements in the policy of the Radboud university medical center. The Executive Board (RvB) of the Radboudumc has allocated money to give top students the opportunity to perform research as a PhD candidate on a self-written project.

Recently 4 Master-PhD grants were awarded to:

  • Mariya Chernyavska (BMS): Adenovirus-mediated local IgA production: a novel approach for cancer immunotherapy. Supervisor: Roland Brock, theme Nanomedicine.
  • Eline van Houtum (MMD): Towards improvement of cancer therapy by targeting the sialic acid-Siglec axis. Supervisor: Gosse Adema, theme Cancer development and immune defense.
  • Julie Verhoef (MMD): Shedding a super-resolution light on mitochondrial fission during schizogony in human malaria parasites. Supervisor: Taco Kooij, theme Infectious diseases and global health.
  • Wouter van Wegen (MMD): Flow sensing and electrolyte reabsorption in ciliary dysfunction. Supervisor Joost Hoenderop, theme Renal disorders.
We congratulate these MSc students and their supervisors with these grants and we wish them success by completing their PhD.

Former Master-PhD winners: link.

MSc students who have ambitions to perform their research as a PhD candidate can submit research pre-proposals. For that they need:
  • A research idea
  • A supervisor (a Radboudumc (junior) Principal Investigator who is intending to be the (co)promotor) of the PhD candidate.
  • A curriculum vitae that shows that the MSc student is an excellent candidate for the project.

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