29 October 2020

The annual RIMLSPeaks 2020 session on the topic of recognition and rewarding was organized last week.

Over 40 senior scientists and staff members attended the online meeting, which was hosted by Rene Bindels and Science journalist and political scientist Malou van Hintum. They took us along during this meeting in an inspiring way and made us think about questions such as how we recognize and value our scientists now and in the future.

The day was introduced by our guest speakers Rianne Letschert, the rector of Maastricht University, one of the leaders of this movement in the Netherlands and Rita Struhkamp from ZonMW, one of the funding agencies of the Netherlands who will both gave their views on the theme from different angles.

During this meeting, many of the following aspects of recognition and appreciation were discussed interactively: ''What does the evaluation system of the scientists actually look like in the future? Is it a good development to put less emphasis on the number of publications and to focus on the impact of the research? How can we express competences such as good leadership in the future? What do we expect from team science: it sounds good to have an impact as a team, but what is a team really? And how do you ensure that the individual also comes into its own? ''

Together we spent 2,5 hours discussing the topic of rewarding and recognition, team science and leadership and Siroon Bekkering felt lucky enough to attend the session as well, in order to give the perspective of a younger scientist in the middle of all the crazy pressure. Blog Siroon Bekkering

Guest speakers Rianne Letschert (left) & Rita Struhkamp (middle) and host Malou van Hintum (right)

ZOOM pictures RIMLSpeaks 2020

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