18 June 2020

The 53rd annual European Human Genetics conference organized by the European Society of Human Genetics was held June 6-9th, 2020.

The conference is organized for scientists in the field of Human Genetics, and this year was the first time the conference was virtual. Abstracts could be submitted for talks and e-poster presentations. Out of all abstracts selected for e-poster presentations, 23 young investigators were candidate for the ESHG poster award based on highest scoring abstracts. A jury of 30 scientists reviewed the e-posters and the presenting authors of two top scoring posters were given a young investigator poster awards (one best poster in clinical research and one best poster in basic research).

The Best Poster in Basic Research was awarded to Anouk Verboven, PhD student at the Department of Human Genetics and at the CMBI.The research Anouk presented is focused on understanding mechanisms underlying neuronal network dysfunction in iPSC-derived neurons from Koolen-de Vries Syndrome patients, by linking transcriptomic changes to the neuronal network activity phenotype of the iPSC-derived neurons using an approach called MEA-seq. Supervisors on this project are Peter-Bram ‘t Hoen, Nael Nadif Kasri and Bert de Vries.

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