25 November 2021

RIMLS awards several prizes to stimulate and honor our (young) researchers. This is the last chance to send your nominations for the Supervisor of the Year and the Image award. Everybody is invited to propose candidates for these awards at the latest 1 December 2021. A jury will be appointed to select the various awards. Applications for the travel awards and Image award can be send in by the applicant.

Please send your nominations to: rimls.info@radboudumc.nl.
(Note: extended deadline 1 December 2021)

Image award

Science can be both full of beauty and of information. Real pieces of art have won the image award in previous years. Have you made a wonderful picture using a MIC microscope this year?  More information.


Image award winner of last year (2020)

Supervisor of the Year

Is your PhD supervisor motivational, empathic, inspiring, funny or just cool? This is the time to nominate her or him for the Supervisor of the Year award! When the nominations have been made, all RIMLS PhD candidates can vote. Also nominations of previous years that were very close to winning the prize can be submitted again.  More information.

Importantly, awards will be distributed at the RIMLS New Years Celebrations on 11 January 2022.

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The future of laboratory animal research More attention to living conditions of laboratory animals

16 May 2022

On May 9, a meeting took place at the Radboudumc as a result of the launch of the Dutch Transparency Agreement on Animal Testing. The Radboudumc is one of the twenty signatories and has thus committed itself to openly and transparently communicate its vision and policy with regard to animal testing.

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Human pluripotent stem cell-derived kidney organoids for personalized congenital and idiopathic nephrotic syndrome modeling

11 May 2022

Bart Smeets, Jitske Jansen and collegues, theme Renal disorders published this article in the Human Development.

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Renee Salz wins prize for best presentation

10 May 2022

Renee Salz won the award for best oral presentation during the Rolduc genetics retreat, organized by the Dutch and Belgian Societies of Human Genetics in Brugge. Her presentation was titled "Variant effect prediction based on long read transcriptomes".

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Mani Diba joins the Department of Dentistry as Hypatia Tenure Track Fellow

10 May 2022

Mani Diba recently re-joined Radboudumc as an Hypatia Tenure Track Fellow at the research group Regenerative Biomaterials of the Department of Dentistry.

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Combining targeted radionuclide therapy and immune checkpoint inhibition for cancer treatment

4 May 2022

Simone Kleinendorst, Sandra Heskamp and colleagues, theme Rare cancers, published in Clinical Cancer Research about their research on combined radionuclide therapy and immunotherapy for cancer treatment.

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