4 March 2021

On 2 March the RIHS Awards 2020 ceremony took place online. In front of an audience of more than 150 colleagues, RIHS awardees accepted their awards for the best PhD thesis, the research product with the highest impact on society, the best peer-reviewed publication and the Supervisor of the year 2020. Since RIHS values patient engagement in research the new RIHS Patient Involvement Award was launched. This prize recognizes a RIHS researcher or research team that actively involves patients or groups of patients in the different phases of research in a high quality and meaningful way.

We proudly present the winners:

1. The RIHS PhD Award for the PhD candidate who delivered the best thesis in 2020.

The nominated theses were judged by the jury, consisting of Jakko van Ingen, Kirsten Kluivers and Dick Thijssen.

Nominated PhD theses:

  • Vincent Aengevaeren, Sven van den Bosch, Sanne Gijzel, Yvonne Hartman, Paul Rood and Anne Wichmann.

The winner of the PhD Award 2020 is Sanne Gijzel, with her thesis entitled ‘Bouncing back using a complex dynamical systems approach to measure physical resilience in older adults’.

2. The RIHS Societal Impact Award for the RIHS research product with the highest impact on society in 2020.

The nominated products were judged by the jury, consisting of Marianne Boenink, Ritse Mann and Michiel Warlé.


  • An electronic nose (eNose) device for screening of Barrett’s esophagus and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma; Yonne Peter, Peter Siersema.
  • Lowlands Saves Lives; Joris Nas, Jos Thannhauser, Judith Bonnes, Niels van Royen, Marc Brouwer.
  • Medical cooling vests to alleviate perceptual heat strain in COVID-19 nurses; Yannick de Korte, Coen Bongers, Thijs Eijsvogels. 
  • Recommendations for physiotherapeutic management of patients hospitalized with COVID-19; Karin Felten-Barentsz, Roel van Oorsouw, Emily Klooster, Niek Koenders, Thomas Hoogeboom.
  • Postmortem Computed Tomography (PhD thesis); Lianne Sonnemans.
  • Simplification of dolutegravir dosing for children; Pauline Bollen, Angela Colbers, David Burger.
  • The Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome in the Netherlands: outcomes from a vicious circle (PhD thesis); Willemijn van Erp.

The winner of the RIHS Societal Impact Award 2020 is ‘Simplification of dolutegravir dosing for children’ of Pauline Bollen, Angela Colbers David Burger.

3. The RIHS Science Award for the best peer-reviewed publication in 2020.

The nominated papers were judged by the jury, consisting of Chris de Korte, Juul van den Reek and Marcel Verheij.


  • Simplified dolutegravir dosing for children with HIV weighing 20 kg or more: pharmacokinetic and safety substudies of the multicentre, randomised ODYSSEY trial. Bollen PDJ, Moore CL, Mujuru HA, Makumbi S, Kekitiinwa AR, Kaudha E, Parker A, Musoro G, Nanduudu A, Lugemwa A, Amuge P, Hakim JG, Rojo P, Giaquinto C, Colbers A, Gibb DM, Ford D, Turkova A, Burger DM; ODYSSEY trial team. Lancet HIV. 2020 Aug;7(8):e533-e544.
  • Patient-specific finite element computer models improve fracture risk assessments in cancer patients with femoral bone metastases compared to clinical guidelines. Eggermont F, van der Wal G, Westhoff P, Laar A, de Jong M, Rozema T, Kroon HM, Ayu O, Derikx L, Dijkstra S, Verdonschot N, van der Linden Y, Tanck E. Bone. 2020 Jan;130:115101.
  • Survival time tool to guide care planning in people with dementia. Haaksma ML, Eriksdotter M, Rizzuto D, Leoutsakos JS, Olde Rikkert MGM, Melis RJF, Garcia-Ptacek S. Neurology. 2020 Feb 4;94(5):e538-e548.
  • Automated deep-learning system for Gleason grading of prostate cancer using biopsies: a diagnostic study. Bulten W, Pinckaers H, van Boven H, Vink R, de Bel T, van Ginneken B, van der Laak J, Hulsbergen-van de Kaa C, Litjens G. Lancet Oncol. 2020 Feb;21(2):233-241.
  • Safety and Performance of Bone-Anchored Prostheses in Persons with a Transfemoral Amputation: A 5-Year Follow-up Study. Reetz D, Atallah R, Mohamed J, van de Meent H, Frölke JPM, Leijendekkers R. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2020 Aug 5;102(15):1329-1335.
  • Model-Based Meta-analysis of Rifampicin Exposure and Mortality in Indonesian Tuberculous Meningitis Trials. Svensson EM, Dian S, Te Brake L, Ganiem AR, Yunivita V, van Laarhoven A, Van Crevel R, Ruslami R, Aarnoutse RE. Clin Infect Dis. 2020 Nov 5;71(8):1817-1823.
  • Decreased costs and retained QoL due to the 'PACE Steps to Success' intervention in LTCFs: cost-effectiveness analysis of a randomized controlled trial. Wichmann AB, Adang EMM, Vissers KCP, Szczerbińska K, Kylänen M, Payne S, Gambassi G, Onwuteaka-Philipsen BD, Smets T, Van den Block L, Deliens L, Vernooij-Dassen MJFJ, Engels Y; PACE trial group. BMC Med. 2020 Sep 22;18(1):258.

The winner of the RIHS Science Award 2020 is The Lancet Oncology publication by ​Wouter Bulten, entitled ‘Automated deep-learning system for Gleason grading of prostate cancer using biopsies: a diagnostic study’.

4. The RIHS Patient Involvement Award for the researcher /research team that actively involves patients in their research.

The nominations were reviewed by the jury, consisting of Anne-Marie Vreman (Radboudumc Patient Advisory Board), Ineke Runneboom (Patient Advisory Board Women’s cancers) and Joanna de Hullu.


  • Research on the impact of Covid-19 on mental health of illiterates and people with mild intellectual disability; Monique Koks-Leensen, Anneke van der Cruijsen, Kirsten Bevelander, Anouk Menko, Fieke Raaijmakers.
  • Patient participation roadmap of research group Psychosocial Oncology; José Custers.
  • Remote follow-up plan for curatively treated colorectal cancer patients; Seyed Qaderi, Hans de Wilt, José Custers, Rob Verhoeven.
  • Conect4children (c4c): a Pan-European paediatric consortium with a vision of achieving better medicines for babies, children and young people; Saskia de Wildt.
  • Patient participation at the morbidity and mortality meeting; Petra Zusterzeel, Britt J. Myren. 

The winner of the RIHS Patient Involvement Award 2020 is José Custers and colleagues, entitled 'Patient participation roadmap of research group Psychosocial Oncology'.

5. RIHS Supervisor of the year 2020.

All nominations were reviewed by last year’s winners of the Supervisor of the year award: Thijs Eijsvogels and Maroeska te Loo. This year, they decided to again award two supervisors, one clinician and one non-clinician.


  • Teun Bousema, Angela Colbers, Yvonne Engels, Debby Gerritsen, Thomas Hoogeboom, Dennis Janssen, Marianne Jonker, Ruud Leijendekkers, Geert Litjens, Maria van den Muijsenbergh, Marieke Seyger, Martijn Stommel, Michiel Warlé and Hans de Wilt.

View here all nominations for the RIHS Supervisor of the year award.

The two winners of the RIHS Supervisor of the year award 2020 are Geert Litjens and Michiel Warlé.

Some of the qualifications mentioned:
'' Geert Litjens has the golden combination that a supervisor should have. Leading expertise in his field and a keen eye for the personal aspects of the (stressful) life of a PhD candidate”. “Michiel Warlé is the most inspiring, involved and ‘next level’ supervisor!”.

The award winners will receive €750.

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Detailed information about the awards and the procedures can be found on our website.

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