4 November 2021

Nursing specialist and researcher Rose Collard has secured a personal grant of 250,000 euros from the ZonMw Nursing and Care program. She will use this to set up her own line of research: "Depression in later life through a nursing lens: developing a complementary intervention aimed at functional recovery."

Depression in later life is an important social problem. Despite this, treatment outcomes are poor. Only 50% of depressed older people recover within 2 years. Also, some of these 'recovered' elderly people continue to suffer from functional limitations. This means that they are not able to pick up their daily life as before they became depressed.

Nursing Care

An important goal of nursing care is to improve the daily functioning of patients in accordance with the wishes, goals and capabilities of patients themselves. To this end, we need more knowledge about the relationship between functional recovery and depression in later life.


The goal of Rose Collard's research is to develop an intervention that focuses on functional recovery in depressed elderly people and that can be used in addition to ongoing treatments. Also, with this research knowledge is gained that can be used in the education of (future) nursing professionals.

Read more on the website of ZonMw (in Dutch).


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