About Aiosyn

AI-Powered Medicine

At the very core of our technology, we employ a successful form of machine learning called deep learning (a.k.a. artificial neural networks). These models are able to discern between normal and abnormal tissue patterns with unprecedented accuracy, accelerating and improving the medical workflow.

Clinical Diagnostics

We provide several solutions for clinical diagnostics that reduce workflow inefficiencies by streamlining the process of pathological examination, improving its overall quality, and reducing its cost.

Our current product offer focuses on breast and prostate cancer diagnosis, and we are quickly expanding it to applications involving colorectal, lung, and kidney tissue.

Life Sciences

We have designed specific solutions for the Life Sciences industry in order to identify novel pathology-based biomarkers that can accelerate drug development.

We offer a highly interoperable platform (cloud or on-premise), with a focus on ISO-13485 certification, competitively priced, and ready to accommodate any size of workload at global scale.

About Aiosyn

Our solution helps pathologists to deliver faster and better pathological examinations anywhere in the world, anytime.

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Aiosyn details

  • CEO: Patrick de Boer
  • Affiliated department: Pathology
  • Researcher: Jeroen van der Laak
  • Year of incorporation: 2021
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