28 January 2021

If you want to perform research with material from a biobank and the initiation of this biobank has already been approved by the CMO Radboudumc, you only need to submit an application to the CMO Radboudumc for assessment in certain cases, namely:

  1. The material will be used for research that does not fit the objectives of the biobank and the informed consent of the donors.
  2. The material will be used for research with a chance of new findings regarding the (future) health status of individual donors and/or relatives; donors have consented to being informed, where appropriate, of new findings that might occur.
  3. In research:
    1. material will be used that has been obtained from donors under the age of 16 or from incapacitated donors;
    2. material will be used when the donors in question have reached the age of 16 or it is likely that the donors in question are no longer incapacitated;
    3. the donors in question have not given a reconsideration to participate in the biobank.

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