Research Research programs Treatment optimization for mycobacterial diseases:

Our purpose

We aim to optimize treatment and outcome of mycobacterial diseases, including tuberculosis (TB), the leading infectious disease killer worldwide. In settings where tuberculosis incidence is reducing, opportunistic infections with non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) are emerging.


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  • To develop new diagnostic tools to guide personalized treatment.
  • To develop, redevelop or repurpose drugs that optimize treatment and outcome of mycobacterial diseases.
  • To implement these diagnostics and drugs into health policy and clinical practice.
  • To anchor the patient perspective in our research activities.
  • To build human and infrastructural capacity to empower the research of colleagues abroad.
  • To attract, educate and train talented young researchers to study mycobacterial diseases.

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Spokesperson(s) for this research program


prof. dr. Rob Aarnoutse

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