Before coming

Long-stay employees (ie. who are planning to work for Radboudumc for longer than 90 days.)
in your home country
Applying for permits
Travelling to Nijmegen
Finding accomodation

Upon arrival

in Nijmegen
Meeting Radboudumc
Registering at the municipality
Financial matters
Contract renewed
Contract expires

Financial matters

Financial matters

You have arrived in Nijmegen and may have already started your job at Radboudumc. There are a few financial matters you will have to look into.

Bank account

It is usually recommended that you open a bank account if you are staying for more than three months, especially if you receive a salary.

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Bank account

Radboudumc can only manually transfer a salary to a foreign bank account which takes longer and is more prone to mistakes. 

You will need a Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer, BSN) to open a bank account. If you live in Germany or Belgium, you cannot get a Citizen Service Number (BSN) and you will need to apply for a social-fiscal number (RNI) so that you can open a bank account to receive your salary. An appointment at city hall to arrange this social-fiscal number will be made for you.


  • If you work or live in the Netherlands, you are legally obliged to take out public health insurance.

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    Health insurance

    Radboudumc offers its employees the choice between two collective health insurances Both health insurances offer attractive discounts for employees and their families.

    If you have a scholarship, and you will not be paid by the Radboudumc, you can get insurance at Lippmann, OOM and AON.

  • Liability insurance

    Personal liability insurance (‘aansprakelijkheidsverzekering’ in short ‘AVP’) covers almost all damage for which you, as a private individual, can be held liable, regardless of how the incident in question occurred. Damage caused by motor vehicles (e.g., through a collision) is not covered by the AVP. For this, one must take out third-party insurance (WA-verzekering). Please check with your (health) insurance company at home as to whether you have valid liability insurance for the Netherlands.

  • Occupational disability insurance

    You automatically receive the basic package, unless you opt out of it in writing within two months following employment. There is also an option to take out a supplementary disability insurance.

    > Download Group Disability Income Insurance


When you come to live in the Netherlands, you qualify as a resident taxpayer. If you live in, for example, Germany or Belgium, but receive your salary from Radboud university medical center, you are a non-resident taxpayer. In both cases, you will be subject to Dutch income tax.

The 30% rule Re-imbursement of taxes

If you come to the Netherlands to work, you may be eligible for a special expense reimbursement facility: the 30% facility for incoming employees.

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The 30% rule Re-imbursement of taxes

The department you will be working for has to agree to this and start the application. This facility means that the employer can pay 30% of the wages as a (tax-free) allowance for the additional costs of your stay in the Netherlands. You will be eligible for this facility if you have specific expertise that is scarce or not present on the Dutch labour market. PhD students generally don’t comply with the requirements for the 30% rule.


When you receive a salary from Radboud university medical center, you automatically build up a pension with provider ABP. Through the Employee Plaza (Medewerkersplein) you can make an appointment with a consultant of ABP, who can answer specific questions (login needed). go to HR services - Pension